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About Us

Contained Solutions About Us

Contained Solutions is an established trusted garden rooms business.
We offer a complete bespoke service for your garden room from design to finishes.
Working with our team you choose, we design and install.

Business or leisure our team will find the solution for you. Made to measure containers to fit your space and integrate with your surroundings. We fabricate deliver and install your completed garden room within a short lead time.

Our highly skilled team is dedicated to ensure your garden room is completed quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to you or your home.

Who Are We

When we first started Contained Solutions it was in a farm barn with just two dedicated individuals.

Although we are still at the same farm we now have a larger barn with a dedicated expert team and the same passion. From design right through to delivery we make sure every details and every material reflects our commitment to quality, design and affordability.

We are not just dedicated to the design though. Once you have chosen your Contained Solution we want to help you get it home, help you care for it and be there if any problem occurs. Our guarantee will make sure you have continued enjoyment out of your garden room.

Our Value

We couple technology with good craftsmanship to ensure you bespoke design is exactly what you envisaged. We keep costs to a minimum by going direct to source for all our materials.

We use better grade materials that don’t fail and in turn make the work of the carpenters and finishers easier. Our high quality timber produces less waste, makes us more efficient and makes our product stronger and more beautiful.

Contained Solutions are built to last a lifetime. We do not compromise on the product in any way. Every visible or invisible design feature is something we are proud of.

Contained Solutions has your comfort in mind

If you are interested in working together, send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!